Why is my fund risk rating shown as a question mark “?” symbol and not a number

We bulk risk rate all the funds in the FE fundinfo feed which are supplied with asset allocations. This means that every week we review and risk rate some 100,000+ funds on multiple terms These funds are then shown with their risk ratings in the tool.

However, some funds either don’t have asset allocation information available or have been included in a fund feed in the past but are no longer provided in the current weekly feed. These funds are therefore not risk-rated in bulk to avoid creating a risk rating on out of date or missing information. As such they will be shown as a ‘?’ icon on the tool.

In addition, manual funds are currently not supported as individual fund risk ratings as they are not part of the main fund feed which has our bulk risk ratings applied to them.
Older funds remain available in case there are old funds being used in the client’s plan which have not yet been updated.




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