Against some funds there is an icon, sometimes green or red with bands on them. What do they mean?

This is a data quality indicator and confirms the reliability of the source of the data used for risk rated funds. The levels vary from direct provision of the data at the top end down to data from old funds at the bottom.  

Data quality

There are 4 levels of data quality and they mean the following:

3 - The allocations have been provided by the fund managers directly to EV or have been validated by the fund managers from a third-party source. (The one that shows green above)

2- The allocations are provided to or identified by a third-party source. (The one that shows red above)

1 - The allocations have not been provided by the manager, so they are derived from a relevant benchmark. (This will have 1 red band)

0 - The allocations are either out of date or are not currently available from a third-party source. (This will be grey and have no coloured bands)