What was the process to build the ESG questionnaire?

We identified the following objectives for the questionnaire:

  • To determine the priority of ESG investments for clients
  • To be as simple as possible and limit the questions that need to be answered
  • To support the conversation which in most cases should be highly personal

We then identified the questions that should be asked with regards to:

  • The importance of the questions
  • The type of wording and how the descriptions should be used

We used our knowledge and experience of creating user journeys to provide just in time information on the question set

Finally, we created a scoring algorithm that:

  • Had four different options for scoring the questions
  • Provided a logical explanation for each
  • Looked at the potential range of outcomes based on random answers

With the ESG questionnaire created we tested it with 500 UK customers across a wide range of demographics and experience of investing. The tests included initial/final knowledge and understanding of ESG. After which the results were reviewed to find the likely preference distribution based on the individual answers

Having completed the testing we optimised the scoring algorithm using minimisation statistical techniques to find the best match of scoring between the stated preferences and willingness to use ESG funds.




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