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What should I make sure has been done before using the Client profile section of EVPro?

Before using the Client profile section, we recommend that your Admin user checks or does the following:

1. Are you using a 5, 7 or 10 ATR questionnaire?  Check that your preference is set up under Settings > Risk Benchmarks. If not, use 'Change active benchmark'.

2. Do you need to change any of the Risk names/Text/Asset Allocations for the Risk Benchmarks?  If so, use 'Add a new benchmark'.  (Before changing it to your active benchmark)

3. Now print off a Client profile questionnaire for a test client and review the sections and questions.

4. If needed the EVPro Knowledge & Experience and ESG questionnaires can be removed and new questionnaires can be created if required.

5. Check the EVPro Capacity for Loss questionnaire.  It can be amended or removed.

6. Do you need to add any more questionnaires, perhaps to replace some of ours that you have removed?  If so, create them.

7. Create a Question set and bring any new questionnaires together and remove ones you don't want.

8. Publish and make sure your new Question set is the active one.

9. Set up a new test client and send yourself a link or print off a new Client questionnaire or both.

10. Complete the questionnaire and print a report off.  Does this look right?  Do you need to add your logo? If so, Settings >  Firm Customisations.

11. Are there any other changes needed?

Make sure you are completely happy before using with actual clients.  Changing any of this after sending electronic links or paper copies to clients to complete, will end up causing additional work for you and potentially them.