What changes will I see if I chose a clients objective as Income in Invest?

The main changes you will see are when you use the 'Risk analysis' section, there will be a selection needed before clicking the 'Analyse selected products' button:

Invest 1If 'Income' is selected, it will affect what gets shown within the tabs hi-lighted below. 

Income 1On the Risk analysis tab, there won't be an efficient frontier as there would if this client had a growth objective.

On the Past performance tab, the past performance of the fund(s) may show.

On the Forecast tab, details of the Income at Risk percentage, Portfolio Income efficiency percentage and the Gross annual mean return and annual charge is shown.

Invest 3On the Asset classes tab, the Current asset allocation will show only.

On the Funds and Annual charges tabs, the information shown will be the same as with a growth objective.