What changes are there if I choose to complete an Income Risk profile?

Detailed below are an outline of the changes that users will see in the various modules.

Module Features

On entering this module, a user will need to choose if the client profile is being done for a Growth or Income objective.

Attitude to Risk questions will change based on the option chosen.

Once completed, if an Income objective has been chosen, no asset allocation chart will be given with the risk profile description.

Goal and Review No changes

When using the Risk Analysis, users will need to confirm the Objective before clicking the 'Analyse selected products' button.

If Income is chosen, the Risk analysis tab will not show the Efficient Frontier, the Forecast will give the following figures:

- Income at Risk

- Portfolio income efficiency

- Gross annual mean return

- Annual charge

Under Asset classes, only the current risk asset allocation will be shown.

Solver Once Income is chosen as the Investment objective, the Fund Allocation solver is no longer available to use.

There are further articles in the Knowledge base that give more information than above.