My client is taking income each month from his uncrystallised pension, so that 25% is tax free. How do I show this?

Currently in EVPro, we cannot support adding a specific amount withdrawal whereby 25% is tax free and the rest is income.

It is possible in the actions area to set UFPLS, whereby the withdrawals would be treated as 25% tax free and the rest as income, however we cannot dictate the amount to take. The tool will take the amount required from the pension depending on the withdrawal order set at the point it is needed to meet expenses.

We are looking to expand the order of withdrawal section in the Preferences area to include minimum and maximum withdrawals. When this functionality is added, you would be able to add the amount to be taken in there and if the PCLS is set in the actions area to use UFPLS, it will then operate as you need it to.