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I'm an Adviser and just got access to EVPro but not via my back office system, where do I start?

Creating your first client

Once logged into EVPro, you will be given the option to create your first client. 

Adviser1Click the button and there will be up to 6 fields that will need to have some information recorded and 2 that are optional:

1a adding a client

These are the fields required if your firm has taken the Goal module. Once the information has been completed, add a partner if applicable:

Adviser3Now from here, the options are:

  • Complete the Risk profile (option 1 or 2 - take you to the same place) but only if your firm has the Risk module)
  • Go to Current plan (option 3) to start cash flow forecasting but only if you firm has the Goal and/or the Invest module.

You may also need to update a few settings, which is covered in the article 'I'm an Adviser and have just got access to EVPro, are there any settings I should be looking at?'