I want to make changes to the Risk profile names and the information displayed. How do I do this?

This is simple to do and will have no impact on any Risk profiles that have already been set for your clients as long as you don't change the number of Risk profiles being used.  What we mean by this is if you started using the EV Standard 10 Risk profiles and create your new set based on this one, then there will be no issues.  A client who came out as a 5 will still be a 5.

If you decide to build a new set based on 5 or 7 Risk benchmarks, you will need to re-do the clients Attitude to Risk.

To set up your Risk benchmarks, the following will need to be completed by someone who has Admin permissions to EVPro.

1) Navigate to Settings > Risk Benchmarks and click 'Add a new benchmark'.

2) Give this new benchmark a name and chose the 'Number of risk levels' from the list of 5,7 or 10,

3) Modify the term groups as there will only be one set, so if more are needed click and confirm how many are needed and add any other information needed. Save the changes made.

4) Now click 'Edit risk names' and change the Risk level names and the Risk level descriptions and save these changes.

5) Now you'll need to add the Sector allocations in manually and if you are still using ours then use the Asset allocation information that we've sent for the current quarter.

6) Just to confirm that the percentages should add up to 100% and if you've added more Term groups in, then the Sector allocations will need to be completed for those as well. Once happy, Save this.

7) Your Risk benchmark now needs to be published by clicking on the word 'Publish' at the end of the line.

8) The last thing to be done is to use the 'Change active benchmark' and make the new one you created is the active benchmark.  Save this.

Once these steps have been followed, create a test client, complete an attitude to risk and then review this to check for the changes that you have made.