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I am trying to migrate a client from iO to EVPro and it does not appear to be working, or the client might come but not all of the associated records like plans and funds. What should I be checking?

There could be a number of reasons why a client, or some of their associated records are not being migrated from iO to EVPro.

We suggest that you check the following on iO. If after checking these the problem still persists, please contact support@ev.uk and confirm what you’ve checked so that we can then look into this for you.

Items to check:

Does the client have a date of birth?

Any clients without a date of birth will not be migrated to EVPro.

Do all the plans have a plan name?

This is a non-mandatory field in iO but essential for the plan to migrate into EVPro.

Does the client have a Service Case recorded in iO?  

There must be one for the migration of the client.

Do all plans/assets have a value of greater than £0.00?

If you have migrated the client and their plans/assets but then have an error when trying to produce a report from EVPro it may be down to a value being £0.00. In EVPro, the value of any plan/asset must be greater than zero.

Plans that have manual funds will be migrated, but work will be needed to add the asset class(es) to these manual funds, so that EVPro can model them.  There will be a message when the client is first migrated to tell you which plans have any manual funds.